Transfer Station Dumping Procedure / New Accounts

  1. All haulers must open an account with the Mercer County Improvement Authority (MCIA). Cash is NOT accepted at time of tipping. Accounts must be opened at the MCIA office at the following address: 80 Hamilton Ave 2nd Floor, Trenton, NJ, 08611. If you require directions, call (609) 278-8100
  2. Every vehicle, excluding exempt vehicles under 9,000 lb GVW, which hauls waste to the transfer station must be registered with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJ DEP). Consequently, we cannot open an account without a valid NJ DEP number for your vehicle(s). Also, haulers must present a valid NJ DEP card to the scale-master at the time of tipping.
  3. Fill out application for hauler account and bring to the MCIA offices. Tell the receptionist that you wish to open a hauler's escrow account. Based upon the capacity of the vehicle(s), the type of waste(s), and the frequency of trips to the transfer station, a deposit amount will be computed. The minimum amount is $250.00. **Check or Money Order Only! Cash is NOT accepted!
  4. When dumping at the transfer station, you must submit a "Waste Origin and Disposal Form" at the scale-house FOR EACH LOAD.
  5. If you are only tipping a single load and wish to obtain a refund of your excess deposit, contact the Finance Department at (609) 278-8100.
  6. Haulers are notified that all waste flowing through the Mercer County Improvement Authority transfer station MUST originate in Mercer County, NJ. If not, you should contact the agency in charge of solid waste operations for the source county of your waste.
  7. Haulers are to maintain their deposit balances by remitting tipping fees to the Mercer County Improvement Authority each time they go through the transfer station.
  8. All haulers will receive a monthly statement. A positive ending balance indicates that there is a net deficiency in the account. A negative figure represents an excess deposit for future tipping fees is being held in escrow with the MCIA.