Capital Financing Program
The Mercer County Improvement Authority’s Capital Financing Programs provide municipalities, school and fire districts, and non-profit organizations with cost effective financing for construction projects, capital improvements, and acquisition of capital equipment.

The Authority will help qualified organizations to find the best possible financing vehicle for their particular projects to benefit from the Authority’s legal status and frequent market exposure, and, if applicable, the proper pool of participants to further reduce issuance and other financing related costs. In addition, the Authority will negotiate your capital needs with financing professionals and will represent you at the required agencies' hearings. Upon request, the Authority will also conduct the bidding process and manage and oversee the construction projects financed through the Authority.

To get started the organization has to complete and submit "APPLICATION FOR FINANCING ". Upon receiving the "Application for Financing", the Authority will be contacting the organization to discuss possible financing options, repayment schedules, and costs associated with the organization's particular transaction.


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